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8 Reasons to Hire Your Local Boise Window Cleaning Company

Window washing removes built-up grime from the glass surfaces of your building, both inside and out. If you’ve never undertaken this task, you may be surprised at how tricky it can be! But taking care of your windows makes your space look better, cuts on energy costs, and extends the life of your building’s glass— all while being environmentally friendly.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

For the best appearance, have your commercial windows cleaned every 2-3 months. Between appointments, make sure you’re touching up your windows to keep them looking great. (Don’t worry, we spelled out tips below!)

Here in Boise, the best time to wash windows is spring and fall. That said, if your windows are particularly dirty or we get quite a bit of pollen or dust in the air, make a note to have them washed more often.

Blue Gander can give you a free estimate and help create a routine that puts your interests and needs first. Why trust us? Here’s why!

Why Hire This Boise Window Cleaning Company

1. Impress Customers With a Professional Appearance 

There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on your business’s look only to have it ruined by streaky, dirty windows. Clean windows make a property look well-maintained and cared for while letting in more natural light, which makes the interior look bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

Additionally, window cleaning can help prevent bugs from breeding on the windows. If they are left unattended, the bugs will be attracted to the windowsill and will cause allergies. A professional window cleaner can remove these insects and their mess!

2. Soak in Lasting Results 

Professionally cleaned windows last longer and look better over time because we use special solutions without harsh chemicals designed to dissolve residue while preventing further damage. Our team employs various methods to remove troublesome spots, including:

  • paint overspray
  • tree sap stains
  • bird droppings
  •  other stubborn residues.

Our Boise window cleaning experts have the experience, equipment, and enthusiasm to get your commercial windows shining in no time. Plus, our specialized tools tackle hard-to-reach areas that your regular cleaning tools might not be able to reach!

Squeeze wiping down the exterior of a commercial window. 4. Enjoy Customized Services With Guaranteed Satisfaction

Personalized servicing options mean you get the specific care your business needs. Schedule routine cleanings or call us as needed. (Hint: It’s a good idea to schedule these services every fall and spring!) 

If you find you need additional services, such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning, we can help with that, too. Your business resources are precious—we get that, and that’s why we deliver optimal results.

5. Reduce Your Energy Bills While Being Environmentally Friendly 

Worried about the environmental impact window cleaning chemicals might have on our local community? Blue Gander uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect the environment, your property, and your customers. Clean windows also help improve energy efficiency, which is good news for your energy bill!

6. Avoid a Costly Replacement 

Cleaning your windows doesn’t just eliminate unsightly dirt, grime, and other contaminants; regular cleaning can actually extend their lifespan. Neglecting your windows can lead to bumpy, scratched glass This can affect its structural integrity, leading to a costly replacement.

7. Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Licensed and Insured Team

When you hire a licensed and insured window cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about liability for property damage or other incidents.

Additionally, when working on ladders or elevated platforms, we take appropriate safety measures—a must-have when windows require more than basic cleaning techniques.

Commercial window cleaner washing orange building in Boise. 8. You Can Start With a Free Estimate 

Get to know different companies, compare prices and services, and ask questions before deciding if we’re your preferred Boise window cleaning company. Scheduling a free estimate with Blue Gander doesn’t mean you must choose us (but you think you’ll probably want to!)

Best of All, You Don’t Have to Clean Your Windows 

When you boil it down, not having to take care of your windows is the best part. So forget climbing on a ladder and giving it the DIY approach. Instead, leave the dirty work to us!

Trust Blue Gander to Keep Your Commercial Windows Sparkling 

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to handle window cleaning yourself, you can always hire a professional team. It’s a dirty job, but we love doing it. Schedule your next window washing appointment. 

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaners?

Professional window cleaners use specific processes to keep windows streak-free and spotless. These processes include scrubbing windows twice and rinsing with fresh water, before cleaning window sills with a special brush. To finish, the cleaners use special lint-free drying cloths and squeegee them to remove excess water and dirt.

Apart from having professional cleaning equipment, professional window cleaners have the right knowledge and experience to do the job properly. They also have the expertise to clean windows with specialty features, such as stained glass or painted glass, which can be hard to clean and expensive if not properly cared for.

Without proper cleaning, corrosive contaminants can affect the efficiency of window sealing and screens and cause grimy films. The resulting film will make the window panes vulnerable to lime deposits which can damage the overall look of a building. Luckily, routine cleaning can prevent the accumulation of limescale and grime.

Commercial window cleaning in Boise, Idaho

Keeping Your Boise Windows Clean Between Appointments

Do your windows need a touch-up? Here are our tips and tricks of the trade.

1. Gather the right tools.

Window cleaning requires the use of specialized tools, including squeegees, a long-handled scrubber, and specialized cleaning products. This will help you avoid damaging the glass or sills and get a streak-free finish. Grab a squeegee and a bucket of soapy water. You can also use a hose to wet the windows before scrubbing. Use a power washer or a more intense cleaning solution for stubborn build-up.

2. Start at the top.

Then, work your way down to prevent streaks and smears from forming on the glass. Begin by wetting the window with a hose or power washer, then apply soapy water with a squeegee. Move the squeegee down in a smooth, even motion.

3. Use a criss-cross pattern.

Start at the top of the window and move the squeegee down diagonally. Then, move across the window in a horizontal direction. Finally, move down the window vertically to prevent streaks and ensure the entire window is clean.

4. Rinse off the subs.

Use a fresh bucket of water to rinse the window after scrubbing.

5. Dry the area with a circular motion.

Once you’ve rinsed the windows, wipe up any spilled water with your squeegee or a lint-free cloth using a circular motion to prevent streaks and spots.

Let’s Make Your Windows Shine

Our trusted window cleaners in Boise, ID, are here to make your commercial building look great. So, go ahead and schedule your free estimate. 

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