Christmas Light Installation Prices

If you want to install Christmas lights, you’ll need to know how much they’ll cost. Regardless of whether you’re using LED lights or incandescent or C9 lights, there are a number of factors that affect the price of Christmas light installation. The average home costs around $500, while larger houses may cost $5,000+.

Cost of LED lights

If you’re looking for a Christmas light installation that will last for years, LED lights are a great option. These lights are much cheaper than traditional lights and can last anywhere from 5 to 100,000 hours. The average cost of LED lights is $6 to $25 per strand. However, you should be aware that they require maintenance and will need to be replaced if they break.

While LED lights are more expensive than incandescent ones, they are more energy efficient and can last for thousands of hours. They are also recyclable. If you replace the bulbs every few years, LED lights can be reused for the next holiday season. You can save up to 80% on holiday light installation with LED lights compared to traditional lights. However, they do cost more upfront, which is why you should consider only lighting a few areas. This way, you’ll avoid over-lighting your house and reduce the amount of energy used to run your lights.

Cost of incandescent lights

Christmas lights are a great way to decorate your home and add a festive feel to your holiday season. However, they can be expensive to run. If you are wondering how much it will cost you to use Christmas lights, it is important to understand how much electricity they use. This can vary depending on the number of strands of lights, the duration of illumination, and the size of your home.

To determine the cost, you can divide the cost per hour by the number of hours you use the lights. For instance, one hundred C9 incandescent mini lights will use about forty-five watts of electricity, whereas one hundred C9 LED holiday lights will consume seven watts. These figures will give you a good idea of how much the lights will cost over the course of the holiday season.

Christmas Light Services Boise
Christmas Light Services Boise

Cost of C9 lights

When it comes to Christmas lights, there are several options to choose from. C9 lights are popular for roofs and windows, and they cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per strand. They are available in LED and incandescent varieties. Because they are so large, they emit a lot of light. However, they have fewer bulbs than smaller models.

These lights come in clear or colored bulbs, and they are great for decorating a variety of areas. These lights have intermediate base bulbs and measure approximately 1.125 inches in diameter. They are larger than C7 strings, which makes them easier to see from a distance. Another benefit to C9 Christmas lights is that you can replace the bulbs, which is great if you want to make multiple displays.

Cost of permanent lights

If you are thinking about spending your holiday season with a new set of permanent Christmas lights, you should know that they are expensive. Typically, these lights cost around $3,500, though they can be purchased for less. These lights can come in unlimited colors, have animation features, and can be programmable. Some even come with phone apps to control how the lights are lit. These lights are great for the holiday season because they eliminate the hassle of hanging holiday lights every year. They also last a long time. The lifespan of these lights is about 100,000 hours. They will last for up to five years, and will not need to be replaced often.

In addition to Christmas, you can also use LED lights for other holidays. These lights are extremely durable and can even be controlled from a distance. They can be placed on trees, balconies, and roofs. They can be used to accent other holiday decorations, such as wreaths. You can also buy a variety of LED yard decorations, including nativity scenes, nutcrackers, reindeer, and other accents.

Cost of a design consultation with a professional

If you’re ready for the holiday season, consider hiring a professional Christmas light installer to bring your vision to life. These professionals are fully trained and insured, and will take care of your home’s exterior in a safe manner. And they can even take down the decorations after the holiday season is over.

Most holiday lighting installation companies quote their prices based on hourly or per-foot rates. It’s tempting to cut corners, but this could lead to a badly installed holiday display, and bad wiring can be dangerous for people and property. Be sure to ask if you can buy your own lights and whether they will install timers for your lights.

Cost of hiring a professional for Christmas light installation

Hiring a professional to install your Christmas lights can be a wise decision. Not only does it save you the trouble of doing it yourself, but hiring a professional will also ensure that the lights are installed safely and correctly. After all, this is an annual activity that requires specialized supplies and equipment.

Before hiring a professional to install your Christmas lights, you should check out the experience of the installer. Often, people who work in the industry charge a significant upfront fee. This should be a big red flag. This is a sign that the company may not be reputable or has unstable business practices.

Professional Christmas Lighting Services
Professional Christmas Lighting Services

**Our Company uses our own lights for installation. We will not use client provided lights. This article is meant for informational purposes.