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Pressure Washing Roof Tiles: Mistakes to Avoid

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Pressure Washing Roof Tiles

The different mistakes that can be made while pressure washing roof tiles. There are many factors that come into account when cleaning and maintaining a roof, but it is always best to avoid these 7 mistakes at all cost. These slip-ups include using the wrong cleaning product, not checking the weather forecast, not wearing protective gloves and more. Make sure to read this brief article before heading up on your next roof-cleaning project!

1) Using the Wrong Cleaning Product:

When pressure washing roof tiles, it is important to use a cleaning product that is suitable for the material. Some products may break down the composition of dirty, old roof tiles and result in cracking or flaking. Certain products should be used for specific materials such as shingle roofs or metal surfaces. Make sure to read over a few guides on what kind of chemical should be used for different types of tiles before beginning any type of pressure washing project.

2) Pressure Washing When It Is Too Hot:

The best time to pressure wash your roof tiles would be early morning or very late evening when temperatures are cooler and the sun’s rays are less intense. If you do not take this precautionary step, the roof tiles may dry too quickly which will cause them to crack. This is probably one of the most common mistakes made while pressure washing a roof tile, so make sure to always check with your local weather forecast before getting started with any project in general.

3) Climbing a Ladder Without Wearing Protective Gloves:

We all know climbing a ladder without wearing gloves is a terrible idea in general, but it is especially bad when you are going up on a slanted roof that can be incredibly slippery! Make sure to wear rubberized work gloves at all times during the pressure washing process. In addition, if you have safety glasses then you should consider using those as well since there could be dirt or debris flying into your eyes while working high up in the air.

4) Not Cleaning in Direct Sunlight:

Unless you are aiming for an antiquated look, it is best to pressure wash your roof tiles in direct sunlight during midday when the sun’s rays are strongest. This will ensure that all dirt and debris is easily removed without much elbow grease needed at all! If you happen to be pressure washing during cloudy or overcast days, make sure to double check the area before power washing since some debris could be hiding in shaded areas.

5) Moving Roof Tiles For Cleaning Purposes:

If you take one step up on a ladder and look straight down then you will see that there is probably about 8-12 inches of clearance between each brick on the ground; this is the ideal spot to clean roof tiles without moving them at all. Always try to access hard-to-reach areas by climbing up and down a ladder and cleaning in sections, but avoid taking one brick off of its foundation or you will more than likely have some issues with your roof later on.

6) Not Using a Pressure Washer’s Wand Extension:

Aside from using a ladder to clean the highest sections of your roof tiles, you should also consider investing in a pressure washer’s wand extension for added reach and efficiency. Many cleaners choose to use their regular garden hose without any attachments for ease, but it is always better to go with an extended length if possible since you can easily access hard-to-reach areas without moving around too much or bending your back!

7) Climbing Down Without Wearing Protective Gloves:

You are probably thinking that climbing down is the safest part of the process because you don’t have to worry about falling anymore, but making sure that your body is protected during this step is still important. Roof tiles are very slippery and can cause you to fall if you don’t have gloves on, so make sure to avoid this mistake and wear rubberized work gloves whenever pressure washing a roof. You never know when your gloves will come in handy!

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