Roof Soft Wash Near Me

Roof Soft Wash Near Me: What It Is And Why You Might Need To Do It Soon

In this blog post we’ll know about the services of roof soft wash near me. Roof soft washing is a process by which a detergent is applied to the roof in order to break down and remove any environmental build-up, such as dirt, grime, moss, lichen, and algae. This service should be done every few years in order to maintain the roof’s appearance and protect it from long-term damage.

Roof Soft Wash Near Me
Roof Soft Wash

What is roof soft washing?

The process of washing a roof differs from house to house, but the basic premise is always the same. The steps below outline how a typical soft wash would be done.

  • First a safety meeting would take place in order to explain the dangers associated with working at height and what to do if carrying out work on your own home should an accident occur.
  • The gutters and downpipes should then be cleared so that no detergent seeps into them and causes blockages.
  • If moss has started to accumulate or other issues have arisen, they can then be removed using hand tools.
  • Once this is complete, the washing process can begin. Detergent should be applied to all affected areas using a soft bristle brush or sprayer. Ensure that each section is given enough time to work before moving on to the next.
  • Brush off any excess dirt and rinse down with clean water

What are the benefits?

Roof cleaning has become increasingly popular over recent years due to various studies being done on health problems caused by dirty roofs. A grimy roof increases the surface temperature which in turn causes an increase in overall building temperature – this also includes walls, windows, etc. By roof and gutters cleaning, you can reduce the temperature and thus, your energy bills.

  • This process is also cost-effective as there is no need to replace the roof which would be required if it was left to become dangerous over time; instead, it can simply be washed and kept safe for a few more years.
  • It’s also very good for the environment as it harnesses nature’s power rather than relying on chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. A detergent evaporates within 24 hours so there will not be any lasting damage done to surrounding plants, animals, or people.

Some bad things that can happen:

If roofs are left untreated they will:

  • Rot away the roof’s under-lay.
  • Cause dampness to appear in surrounding rooms.
  • Become prone to moss and algae growth.
  • Worsen any staining or corrosion of existing tiles or ridge capping.
Roof and Gutter Cleaning
Roof and Gutter Cleaning

How often should a soft wash be done?

This service is recommended by most roofers on an annual basis, but it can depend greatly on usage and location. If there has been some sort of environmental accumulation on the roof, such as dust, leaves, etc., then it is essential that this is cleaned before anything else in order for repairs and maintenance work to be carried out safely. If you’re unsure when your last soft wash was then keep an eye out for the following symptoms – these indicate that a roof wash is urgently required:

  • The presence of moss and algae
  • Black streaks and stains across your roof
  • Massive build-up of debris in your gutters, which can lead to blocked drains and eventually leaks.

If you’re noticing any of the above then give us a call ASAP. We will be able to schedule an appointment at short notice due to our close association with all major insurance companies. By using our service instead of doing it yourself or using another contractor you can rest assured that proper safety measures are taken. So why not give us a ring today to make sure your roof stays safe and sound for many years to come!


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